Welcome to NexGen Escrow

Full Service Broker Owned

Escrow Company

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Welcome to NexGen Escrow

We are a leader in Residential & Commercial Escrow Services.

NexGen Escrow is a full-service escrow company located in Rancho Cucamonga, California. We focus on meeting the needs of buyers, sellers, business brokers and lenders involved in commercial and residential loan transactions. We provide you with the most comprehensive closing services in the industry.


Escrow Services We Provide


Buyers, sellers, and real estate professionals consistently partner with NexGen Escrow for their services that help make home ownership dreams a reality.


NexGen Escrow offers commercial clients a peace of mind as we understand commercial transactions – from the simple to the most complex.

Condominiums / Townhomes

Whether you are looking for a Condominiums or Townhomes escrow company, NexGen is there for you and will accommodate all of your transactions needs.

Short Sales

NexGen Escrow supports the efforts of brokers and agents working with homeowners overburdened with mortgage debt. You are only one phone call away.

Full Service Broker Owned Escrow Company
Rancho Cucamonga, California